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Sell your car with confidence.

Why TrustHub?

What buyers worry about...

Worry about buying a stolen car

TrustHub's unique verification process proves your car isn't stolen.

Worry about buying a bad car

With TrustHub you can show your car isn't clocked and has a current NCT.

Worry about being scammed

Using TrustHub shows you're trustworthy and accountable.

Car history checks can't protect buyers as well as TrustHub can. By going through TrustHub you are demonstrating upfront that buyers can trust you and your car. You can convert that earned trust to a quicker sale and a better deal for you.

TrustHub Explained

Sell your vehicle faster, for more and for less stress


Place your car ad, we verify it, our logo gives your buyers peace of mind.

We use a simple and secure process to verify you and your vehicle. Then we vouch for both.

  • First, your car needs to be registered in your name,
  • Then you'll need a valid NCT certificate, logbook and tax disc.
  • You'll also need a current credit or debit card. Don't worry - we heavily encrypt all of your data and we don't store your credit card information.

We believe we're doing a good thing here so we push hard to keep down our costs.

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We are PCI compliant and all your information is kept secure

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